Crystal Lake Agricultural Youth Farms, Inc.
                  A Non~Profit Organization
  For those interested in how you may help in the development
  and growth of  "Crystal Lake Agricultural Youth Farms, Inc." 
  by co-sponsoring with any of the following:

  • Funding services
  • Supplies
  • Materials
  • Real property or others             
  • "Branded Project Recognition"
  • Anonymous donations
  • Advertising opportunities                                                                                        
       * NOTE:   For more information on Equipment Sponsorship
                                     Please click on the link provided below.

          We provide funding accountability for all donations
Please contact:

       Joseph Willis~President/Founder
    @ (860) 916-3129 (office)

        Joe Capossela~Attorney for CLAYF, Inc.
         @ (860) 646-1974

                                     Thank-You for your support.
   (860) 916-3618 (cell)