In 2007, CLAYF Inc. made an application to become "Non Profit" and by September 17, 2009 did so. During the original development stages in 2006/2007, it was determined that in reality, for CLAYF to uphold the "Rural Integrity" of the Crystal Lake/Ellington, Stafford Ct. areas, and to diversify in the manners hoped for, it would need far more than the 300 +/- acres it had under it's control in North Eastern Ct. at the time. This "Idea" was acted upon, and consequently multiple CLAYF divisions were created.


Div(1C): CLAYF Agri Management Office/Residential Complex:

A planned 120,000+sq ft complex located high atop a vantage point overlooking Crystal Lake and its surrounding hills.
To include 53,000 sq ft of residential and agri-related amenities- A place for youth and management to bond in their relationships, as the day to day operations are initiated from the offices of this complex.

Div(3):  Crystal Lake Farms Main Farm:

Made up of 60+ acres of the original Home Heritage Farm. Operations will consist primarily of veggie and fruit fields, planned agri~mechanic/repair shop, hay and livestock barns, machinery storage, livestock feed storage, agri~field
" Practical Learning" operations, agri~management offices and farm management residences. It is a primary source for
field operations, with veggie and fruit production by volume, prepared for marketing to the consumer.

Div(4):  Crystal Lake Way:

30+ acres w/196,000sq ft planned community project consisting of 25 individual log/post & beam stuctured retail buildings on two sides of a mile long winding "country~type" road. A 35,000sq ft resturant complex w/12 internal retail shops and a 5,000sq ft CLAYF welcome center will be the main hub, with other buildings available for professional centers, banking, medical and mental health facilities, sports, and other community~related retail stores and centers.

Div(5):  Crystal Lake Hills Ag-Worker Complex and Farm:

Primary in nature with Youth Residences for 250+ participants on 140+ acres overlooking Crystal Lake, of the fifty structures, (2,400sq ft each), 20+ will be for the Youth Resident cabins. There will also be additional staff and management residences, along with equine facilities, practical learning centers, and multiple other recreational amenities. 

Div(6):  Crystal Lake Farms East:

A planned 147+ acres with 120,000sq ft agri~product processing/distribution facility, and our own retail farm market center. Also included will be 11 acres of greenhouses, a 1.4 acre retail greenhouse, ice cream shop, stop~n~go organics store, mini~golf, petting zoo, 40 acres of fruit orchards, 40 acres of fruit and veggie field operations, with farm maintenance and agri~practical learning centers.


Div(2):  Crystal Lake Farms North:

A 100+ acre Commercial~scale fish and produce farm. This site will consist of our own consumer fish product processing plant, fish~waste to organic fertilizer plant, 4+ acres of greenhouses, 13+ acres of grape and berry orchards, agri/aquaculture practical learning centers, Youth residences for 50+ participants, staff and management residences, farm maintenence shops and recreational areas.

Stafford/Ellington (Two Towns):

Div(7):  Crystal Lake Farms North East~ The " FLAGSHIP ":

This planned  1200+ acre "Flagship" farm shall serve as the "Ultimate Model" for all the various farms nationwide. CLAYF will build its own lake of 100+ acres surrounded by 20+ miles of roads with stone wall asthetics. A 200 acre section will be divided into beef, dairy, hog, sheep, goats, horse and poultry mini farms, accompanied by a 30+ acre equestrian park, 70+ acres of fruit and berry orchards, a 60+ acre zip~line park, 40+ acre nature park, a 100+ acre youth country club and driving range, a 40+ acre main reception hub parking area, welcome and info center, including a fueling, freight and supply depot.
The "Flagship" will also boast of 100+ structures throughout, which will include twenty 2400sq ft Youth Residences for 240 participants w/multiple staff, management, participant/family and elder mentor visiting facilities. The grounds will also be comprimised of offices, medical centers, agricultural learning centers, various grounds, buildings and agri~maintenence shops, 6.5 acres of greenhouses, machinery storage, a dining hall, dairy processing~ice cream and cheese plant, multiple other amenities, and a 40 acre recreational complex.

Stafford Ct., Monson and Hamden Mass.:

Div(1B):  CLAYF Hammonstaf~North Central Ct., South Central Mass.: 

To us, the ultimate goal here is to develop 20,000 near~contigous acres for high production Organic and Natural farming operations. There will be 2000 plus acres dedicated to dairy, beef, hogs, and poultry operations, 50+ acres of greenhouses and arboretums, 200 acres of fruit orchards, 4000 acres of free range pasturing, 2000 plus acres of livestock feed and production, multiple agri~product handling, processing and distribution facilities, agri~practical learning centers, offices, large scale youth, staff and management residences, and a good range of recreational facilities.

Tolland Ct.

Div(1):  Crystal Lake Farms South 1:

The planned farm where it all started. A 30 plus acre farm to have 64,000sq ft of greenhouses and livestock barns for horses, hogs, goats and sheep. A small animal facility management residences, other agri~shops and training facilities
for CLAYF staff, with 20 plus buildings and other recreational facilities. This site will boast of a pavillion and an overlook
with an exceptional panoramic setting in the hills of the Crystal Lake area.
CLAYF Plans: Fall 2015 and Beyond
  Town by Town: CLAYF Division Plans and Descriptions
   Crystal Lake Agricultural Youth Farms, Inc. A Non~Profit Organization