Crystal Lake Agricultural Youth Farms, Inc. A Non~Profit Organization

In 2007, CLAYF Inc. made an application to become "Non Profit" and by September 17, 2009 did so. During the original development stages in 2006/2007, it was determined that in reality, for CLAYF to uphold the "Rural Integrity" of the Crystal Lake/Ellington, Stafford Ct. areas, and to diversify in the manners hoped for, it would need far more than the 300 +/- acres it had under it's control in North Eastern Ct. at the time. This "Idea" was acted upon, and consequently multiple CLAYF divisions were created.


Div(3):  Crystal Lake Farms Main Farm:

Made up of 60+ acres of the original Home Heritage Farm. Operations will consist primarily of veggie and fruit fields, planned agri~mechanic/repair shop, hay and livestock barns, machinery storage, livestock feed storage, agri~field 
" Practical Learning" operations, agri~management offices and farm management residences. It is a primary source for 
field operations, with veggie and fruit production by volume, prepared for marketing to the consumer.

Div(4):  Crystal Lake Way:

30+ acres w/196,000sq ft planned community project consisting of 25 individual log/post & beam stuctured retail buildings on two sides of a mile long winding "country~type" road. A 35,000sq ft resturant complex w/12 internal retail shops and a 5,000sq ft CLAYF welcome center will be the main hub, with other buildings available for professional centers, banking, medical and mental health facilities, sports, and other community~related retail stores and centers.

Div(5):  Crystal Lake Hills Ag-Worker Complex and Farm:
Primary in nature with Youth Residences for 250+ participants on 210+ acres overlooking Crystal Lake, of the fifty structures, (2,400sq ft each), 20+ will be for the Special needs and Youth Resident cabins. There will also be additional staff and management residences, along with equine facilities, practical learning centers, and multiple other recreational amenities. ( 145 acres currently under development )  

 Div(6):  Crystal Lake Farms East:
A planned 23+ acres with a 17,000sq ft greenhouse, and small fruit and vegetable field operations.( currently under development )


Div(2):  Crystal Lake Farms North: 

A 30+ acre Commercial~scale fish and produce farm. This site will consist of our own consumer fish product processing plant, fish~waste to organic fertilizer plant, 4+ acres of greenhouses, 5+ acres of grape and berry orchards, agri/aquaculture practical learning centers, Youth residences for 50+ participants, staff and management residences, farm maintenence shops and recreational areas.

Tolland Ct.

Div(1):  Crystal Lake Farms South 1: 

The planned farm where it all started. A 30 plus acre farm to have 164,000sq ft of greenhouses and livestock barns for horses, hogs, goats and sheep. A small animal facility management residences, other agri~shops and training facilities 
for CLAYF staff, with 20 plus buildings and other recreational facilities. This site will have a pavillion and an overlook
with an exceptional panoramic setting in the hills of the Crystal Lake area.       
  CLAYF Plans: Fall 2018 and Beyond
   Town by Town: CLAYF Division Plans and Descriptions
  All sites will be developed ADA compliant