Our Mission at Crystal Lake Agricultural Youth Farms, Inc., was concieved in 2007, when we incorporated as a Non-Profit organization with the goal of introducing today's special needs/youths, ages 8-18, to both the world of farming and the importance of using sound agricultural practices and procedures as society moves forward into feeding the world of tomorrow. Our approach will be diversified as we introduce the youths at our farms to age-based activities ranging from hands-on farming practices and recreational activities, to educational programs and workshops that will provide them with vital life skills that go beyond the scope of farming, and infuse within them a solid set of values that they can carry forward throughout their lifetimes.

A key part of our mission is that our programs will be FREE OF COST  to our participants, while we bring awareness to the different types of farming methodologies and opportunities as they will be presented in the 21st century.

We believe that some of these future farming methods in America, as well as some currently used today, are not environmentally responsible, and additionally may result in less nutritionally dense food sources, with potentially harmful chemicals within their structure. However, it is our belief, that through providing direct involvement in a fun, safety first environment, we can instill within our youth the absolute necessity of protecting our limited environmental resources through sensible farming practices and state of the art Green technologies that work symbiotically with nature, while simultaneously producing high quality organic and all natural foods that are both economically feasible and environmentally sustainable. It is within the scope of this Mission that we hope to not only practiably educate, but also to potentially spark career intrests in both our younger and older farmers ( ages 8-13 and 14-18 respectively) as they learn the importance of protecting the integrity of the world's food supply, as well as its limited resources.

Along with the immeasureable values gained through times shared and bonds created with their fellow farmers, it is our hope that through the knowledge they have aquired while working, playing, and enjoying their experiences at these unique farms, our youth will come to understand and support Green-based technologies, and may even choose an emotionally fulfilling and economically rewarding career as the Future Generations of Farmers in America.