To the Farming, Forestry, Greenhouse and Excavation Equipment Dealers                                                                   across America;

Crystal Lake Agricultural Youth Farm, Inc.,(CLAYF), is a Non-Profit Organization based in Tolland Connecticut. Our focus is to create a one of a kind, youth-oriented agricultural learning program, comprised of both hands-on activities, and academic experiences, while maintaining a fun-filled environment, including daily recreation. 

We are currently seeking the assistance of various equipment dealers as we move into the 2015 season.That being said, we are looking for a wide variety of equipment dealers, across the country, to join us in our endeavors to bring the world of agriculture, and it's importance,  to today's youth in America, as we educate them in environmentally sound and sustainable agricultural practices.

Our programs focus on  groups of youths from 8-18 yrs of age, with the 8-13 yr olds engaged in our "Farm for Fun" programs, and the 14-18 yr olds enrolled in our "Tomorrow's Farmers" programs, where they earn while they learn, getting paid for their participation.

Through hands-on, and educational activities, our goal is to open the diverse world of farming and agricultural practices to today's youth, and provide them with a solid understanding of the importance of environmentally sound food production processes in today's world. Our programs will run year-round, and will include both greenhouse and seasonal field farming, along side of various livestock production operations.

This is a one-of-a-kind farming experience for for youth, as well as a great opportunity for equipment dealers who want to associate themselves with a worthy cause while gaining  Branded Name Recognition, showing a desire to help guide today's youth into a better agricultural tomorrow. Along with the Branded Name Recognition, associated equipment dealers will also get the Physical Branded Project Recognition by CLAYF advertising campaigns through sinage, and various forms of social and multi-media. 

Today, CLAYF, Inc.,  is moving towards the final stages of planning, with development                                currently underway.
      We are seeking support for our project, from equipment dealers in the following areas:

  • Land Clearing, Forestry,Excavation, and Field Preparation Equipment
  • Tractors and Associated Farming Equipment, as well as Maintainance Equipment 
  • Greenhouse Planting, Cultivating and Harvest-related Equipment
  • Livestock Feed Productions and Operations Equipment
       Crystal Lake Agricultural Youth Farm Inc.                             A Non~Profit Organization
We would like to thank you for your anticipated interest in this endeavor, and look forward to hearing from you.

Joseph Willis Jr, President/Founder-Operations Manager

Contact Info: 
860-916-3129 (Office)
860-916-3618 (Cell)

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