Farm Worker Awareness and Prevention Programs
Crystal Lake Agricultural Youth Farms Inc.
A Non~Profit Organization
At  Crystal Lake Agricultural Youth Farms our management teams will assure the communities we serve that these farms are a Safe Haven. We feel strongly that Substance Abuse awareness and prevention is a very serious matter, one that all youth are exposed to at some point in their livesIt is a part of our goal at CLAYF Inc. to educate and bring awareness to these issues so that the youth and workers alike will benefit and be equipped with the proper tools to deal with challenges as they may arise within their lifetimes.

While having such an array of age groups working and learning in the various agricultural fields at these "State of the Art" farms, it is fairly probable, from time to time, that individuals may want to discuss their concerns. We understand that it is important to provide each of our farm attendees, college interns, or staff the appropriate services, programs or counseling should the need for help present itself. 

  In addition to substance abuse awareness programs, our counseling staff will also be available to address any and all situations that may be on the minds of our young farmers so that we may help to guide them into a positive future. 
  For further information,   Please contact us at: 

                                   Joseph Willis, President, (860) 916-3129 

        Anita M. Willis, Secretary/Public Relations, (860) 924-3580