1.   Draft, pleasure, range, show horses: 
      Certified trainers, herd and operation leaders, equine husbandry, nutrition, breeding and stock programs, workmanship, 
       rider training, farrier trades.

2.   Beef cattle, calves, steers, breeding stock:  
       Herd and operation leaders, bovine husbandry, nutrition, breeding, range and containment programs.

3.   Dairy cattle/goats:  
       Milk and dairy products operations, dairy animal specialties, husbandry, nutrition, pasture to feed, milk programs, herd operations           leaders, breeding and maternal care, hoof care, stock programs, calf-heifer-steer-bull programs.

4.   Sheep, feeder goats, alpaca, llamas:  
       Herd operations leaders, husbandry, nutrition, feed and pasture programs, range/containment programs, breeding, maternal care,                 with offspring specialty fields.

5.   Hog, pig and sow:  
      Herd and operations leaders, husbandry, nutrition, containment and housing, farrowing, range grown pork operations, breeding and stock  programs, range grown not-for-pork operations.

6.   Poultry: 
      Chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese egg-laying and meat production, meat and egg flock operations leaders, husbandry, nutrition,                 range feed, housing, containment and range operations, breeding.

7.   Small livestock:  
      Rabbits, ornamental birds, fowl, specialized pets, herd dogs, cats, husbandry, nutrition, containment, human/animal interaction                  and breeding.

8.   Veterinary Operations:  
        Large to small animal husbandry of the various animals listed above involving everyday practice, including simple care to surgery, 
        with on-site hospital facilities.

Other Livestock~Related Positions                                                   

1.   Livestock/animal/poultry predator protection: 
       Range containment, ecological environmentally sound farm practices and programs.

2.   Animal feed production, storage and nutrition programs:  
       Grains, hays, fodders, field, technical and nutritional programs, harvesting, handling, batch plant processing operations, safety and        security programs.

3.   Watering operations:  
       Handling, storage and irrigation procedures.

4.   Show and riding arenas:  
       Showmanship programs, training, rodeo, show jumping, dressage, footcare and maintenance.

5.   Animal/poultry/livestock:  
       Husbandry training centers.

6.   Livestock care supply facilities:  
       Inventory, storage, warehousing.

7.   Off-farm/butcher/processing plants: 
       All elements of livestock and poultry for meat operations, handling, storage, packaging, freezing, refrigeration, smoking, waste                product handling to off-farm fertilizer development plant, animal by-products and food products.

8.   Off-farm related safety and security positions. 

   Introduction to Contractor 
and  Agricultural Employment                                    Positions

1.   Indoor/Outdoor Recreation and Training Center:             
      Various country-style stadium/arena, four-season, 365 days a year indoor/outdoor recreation, training, health and               exercise.

  • Outdoor sports such as:  
        Horseback riding, trails, arena, polo, trick dressage, draft-horse handling techniques, zip-lining, cross-country                    running, skiing, snow shoeing, mountain biking, tractor pulls, lawnmower racing, quad and snowmobiling clubs,                 softball, baseball, football, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, track and field and more. On site waterfishing, skating, and              swimming.
  • Indoor sports such as: 
        Roller skating, duckpin bowling, volleyball, gymnastics, basketball, handball, squash, lacrosse, soccer, cliff and                   rock/wall climbing, swimming, indoor games, hobbies and more, 365 days a year.

2.   Musical Instrument and Band Training Center:  
       Musical instrument training for all genre of worldwide music as well and training to acquire skills needed for                        instrument construction, musical events in ampitheater and stadium,365 days per year with indoor and outdoor                  facilities.

Day-to-Day Farm Operations and Necessities  

  • Conventional and Alternative Energy 
  • Building and Structure Maintenance 
  • Waste Management 
  • Laundry, Uniforms, Showers, Restroom Maintenance 
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Fire Prevention and Control
  • Full Farm Communications  

  Crystal Lake Agricultural Youth Farms, Inc.(CLAYF)
  1.  Welcome Center and farm tourism

  2.  Entry, mid and upper level office management personnel

  3.  Full medical and emergency health centers personnel

  4.  Farm operations and infrastructure personnel

  5.  Safety and Security staff
  6.  Farm and public transportation, vehicle parking staff

  7.  Advertising and public relations personnel

  8.  Culinary and food service personnel
  9.  Others

At the various new farms in Conn., and Southern New England, each farm will provide exceptional employment opportunities in both short and long-term construction as well as career orientated positions. Some of these positions will require around the clock shifts to maintain a fully operational farm , 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
                                                Other Training Centers

1.   Special Needs Farm Basics Training Center:                       
         Covering a multitude of agricultural and farming elements, client care, tutoring, mentoring, from leaders to youth, encompassing 
         all training aspects. 

2.   Overall Agricultural Operations/Management Training Center:            
         Training in all trades involved in the complete farm project from the the complex infrastruture to the hands-on operations.

3.   Agricultural Products Training Center:          
         An educational atmosphere in which to teach youth about all the various product types, operational techniques, nutritional                         elements, methods of management, and various skills from harvest to plate for the consumer.

4.   Natural Resources/Soils/Geology/Gemology Training Center:                                                                                      Teaching and training about the Earth, its preservation, resources and a multitude of environmentally sound farming practices.

5.   Forestry Training Center:                 
        All facets of forestry, from renewable resource, to sustainable long-term management of the forest using an environmentally                      sound "Green World" approach in all operations, 

6.   Farm, Forestry and Excavation Equipment  Training Center:
         A training center where youth will experience equipment and handling methods, as they acquire skills in maintenance repairs and             operations for every type of equipment related to the entire farm. 

7.   Farm Food Product and Culinary Training Center:                                                   
         A place to train youth regarding the essentials of nutritional good health, culinary practices and cooking skills.

8.   Wildlife Conservation and Aquaculture Training Center:     
         Training in the most environmentally sound methods so as to create sustainable agriculture along side of wildlife and fisheries                  conservation operations.
      Fruit, Vegetables, Mushroom and Herb Operations

 1.    Greenhouse operations:  
        Fruit, vegetable, plant propagation and food production, seed to harvest handling, cleaning, packaging and storage, environmental         control operations, hydroponics and soil operations, irrigation, plant nutrition, pest and disease control and awareness, pollination,         structural maintenance.

2.    Arboretums: 
        Indoor dwarf trees and micro-fruit tree orchards for food, harvest-handling, cleaning/sorting packaging/storage, pest and disease            awareness and control, irrigation, plant nutrition, structure maintainance, with specialty indoor environmental control techniques.

3.    Subterranean Mushroom Operations:  
        Spore to edible and medicinal mushroom propagation, medicinal/food products and nutrition, harvest, handling and storage,                     environmental control operations, building maintenance.

4.    Herb Operations:
        Greenhouse and outdoor operations, food/medicinal herb propagation, spice propagation, pre/post seed to harvest handling,                   cleaning, packaging and storage for final processing.

5.    Composting and Indoor Soil Use Operations:     
        Composting and blending all our materials, soil amending, blending,disease, pest, organism technical programs, processing,                     handling, packaging, building and equipment maintenance.

6.    Vegetable/Fruit/Mushroom/Herb Processing Plant: 
        End product processing, canning and packaging culinary-readied products.

7.    Marketing Programs for Fruits/Vegetables/Mushrooms/Herbs:
        Marketing, sales and planning, inventory, product F.O.B. farm vs shipping, storage, warehousing and turn-around.

8.    Greenhouse/Aboretum/Mushroom & Herb Supply Operations:  
         All operations including inventory of supplies, warehousing, purchase and sales.

9.    Farm Field Operations: 
        Vegetable, fruit and seed end product operation plant, propagation, harvest, handling, cleaning, sorting, packaging and storage.

10.  Facility and Farm Field Irrigation/Animal Watering and Fire Prevention: 
        Ponds, wells to fields, lawns, water storage, animal and poultry watering, indoor/outdoor fire prevention, water surplus storage,                rainwater preservation, water conservation and handling.
11.  Horticulture Training Center: 
        All activities and operations, fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, animal feeds, grains, hay products on the farms.
Employment Groupings
Crystal Lake Agricultural Youth Farms, Inc.
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