These new farms will stand alone in its efforts to become a 100% sustainable, organic "Green World" farm of  the future.  Our leaders, staff and college students will work with, train and mentor "Tomorrow's Farmers" to:

  • Learn Green, Live Green, Think Green and Plan Green for their futures
  • Farm Green, organically and naturally
  • Learn and work in a "Safety First " environment.

 College students will assist leaders and staff as co-workers and mentors to the               youth, while promoting:

  • Practical learning skills
  • Socialization skills
  • Daily operational skills
  • Career choice skills
  • Team workmanship skills
  • Further educational development
  • Leadership skills
  • Learn to create and work in a positive work environment

               The college students leading the way for "Tomorrow's Farmers" will:

  • Assist and work alongside professional maintenance and operational teams for all greenhouse and agricultural buildings.

  • Lead the way with horticultural, animal husbandry and state of the art farming technology.

  • Gain their own hands on experience in both farming and farm-management fields.           

  • At no cost to students, gain knowledge, skills and experience for the betterment of their life and careers.

  • Enjoy flexible schedules designed to fit their personal needs.

                If you are a college student interested in joining this winning farm team, 
            please forward a brief summary of your thoughts and interest in our programs, 
                                                            along with your resume to: 

                            Joseph Willis, President,  
                                      (860) 916-3129,

                                     Anita M. Willis, Director of Public Relations
                                        (860) 924-3580, 
 For The College Students

At these new farms, the college students will play a very intricate roll as "Para-Professionals", working        along side of the farms staff, leaders and management in areas of practical learning and hands-on                farming with "Tomorrow's Farmers". The college students will become assets to the new farms and       youth as they bring their technological and practical attributes, along with any of their own hands-on          farming experience.

We have a need for their specialized talents and knowledge gained through their studies whereby we          can apply those attributes in a wide array of agricultural sciences and subject matters. We will also             utilize both their knowledge and skills to assist in the further development, preparations and actual             operations of these one-of-a-kind "Green" farms of the future.

Listed below you will find the various topics encompassed within the new farm's agenda. We have 
      specific needs and criteria regarding but not limited to the following "Safety First" environmental 
      farming operations:

  • "Green World" architectural engineering with emphasis on future agricultural upgrades.

  •  Physical on site engineering with the farm's contracted engineered plans.

  •  Year round greenhouse operations.

  • Seasonal production of annual/perennial farm field starter plants from greenhouses.

  •  Mushroom House spore programs for gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.

  •  Eight months per year veggie, fruit, and herb seed to harvest operations along with fresh
         and/or dried packaging and storage practices for market and on site sales.

  •  Poultry operations, for chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese for both meat and egg production.

  •  Piglet to hog meat and breeding operations for continuous stock production.
  •  Feeder calves to beef production.

  • Small livestock meat production ( goats, sheep, rabbits and other fowl ). 


  • Recreational farm pets ( horses, breeder goats, sheep, fowl, and rabbits ).                                                                                                                                                                                    
  •         Animal husbandry, and all-round care for all animals at the farms.  

  • All stages of agricultural food product processing such as cleaning, grading,
 packaging, handling and various storage practices.

  • All farm buildings, their structures and daily maintenance.

  • Farm grounds landscaping and maintenance.

  • Farm equipment, mechanical maintenance and repair.

  • Forestry production, and end-result wood products.

  • Pond care, irrigation and fire prevention.

  • Wholesale and retail marketing of all agricultural products.

  • Daily recreational programs.

  • All elements of security, health, safety, and emergency procedures. 
 At these modern day yet historic style farms, it is our goal to incorporate today's           college students and their agricultural studies, skills and attributes with                          seasoned professionals and educators at our:

  • Agricultural Learning Center

  • Farm Culinary Training and Dining Center

  • Special Needs Learning and Training Center

  • Recreational Music Hall.

   College and Diversified Para-Professional Programs