Help US Bring Our Message
         FORWARD,                                   To Create A Greater Public Awareness

                  ~~~This being said,  let us bring your attention to ~~~
   ~~~" Crystal Lake Agricultural Youth Farms, Inc." ~~~

             While this nation is still in the midst of an economic downturn and is searching for solutions, 
                 the plans for  CLAYF and Affiliated Agricultural Enterprises continues to grow in Positive directions.
  As of this day, 0ur plans have escalated to incorporate Millions of Dollars of agriculturally-related                   projects over the next 3~5 years into the Crystal Lake areas of  Tolland,  Ellington, and Stafford, CT. 
Our mission is, and we HAVE the ability to provide many thousands of Construction and Long-Term and Career positions, for the preparation and maintainance of these farms to serve our youth, and communities throughout our region and beyond. 
                  The positive effects throughout this region and our state 
  will be IMMENSE ....                         


 Please, visit us at; and for more in depth information call:

                                      Joseph Willis Jr. President/Founder @ (860) 916-3129

    Our Spokesperson for CLAYF ~Attorney Joe Capossela @ (860) 559-4386; 

      Director of Public Relations~CLAYF~Anita M.Willis @ (860) 924-3580

~~~Thank-You,We Are Looking Forward to serving ALL our YOUTH, and our Communities~~~ 
   Inumerable Benefits For Society As A Whole ...
 " A Green World Agricultural Gift To Society "
                         A Non~Profit Organization