In 2006, this project began within the little community of Crystal Lake in Ellington, Connecticut.
  Since its inception, its plans are reaching across Southern New England and beyond. 
                                         On September 17, 2009 it received recognition  as a non-profit organization.


The project was begun by Joe Willis Jr. in 2006. With the support, dedication,and hard work by family, friends and colleagues, it encompasses a few hundred +/- acres of family and private land. Originally focused in Crystal Lake, Ellington, Connecticut, a community-wide campaign has been launched throughout Southern New England for project recognition, sponsorship and support.

                  Foundation Roots

Years ago, Mr.Willis' life was afflicted with day-to-day substance abuse. With this affliction now long in the past, he felt the need to atone for his old ways, and to develop a new focus. He also found his instilled agricultural heritage to be a form of rehabilitation,and sought a means of making a contribution to society. Thus dawned the genesis of these special new agricultural farms to benefit societies youth.


What started in Connecticut as a project for Society's youth in a "Green Agricultural World" , its current plans are to evolve into much more. Developed to be an agricultural safe-haven for youth and special needs alike to escape life's perils, these farms will practicably train and instill a positive work ethic in young people in  enjoyable environments. In addition, the project will  provide a multitude of diversified jobs for youth and adults alike. These will provide short-term jobs in planning, development, final farming preparations and constuction to long-term careers for many professionals, educators and skilled people necessary to facilitate infrastructure and farming operations for many years to come.

Since Mr. Willis and his agricultural roots are based in Connecticut, he has opted to commence the pilot program      for this Unique agricultural endeavor in his hometown of Crystal Lake, Ellington, Conn., and includes the surounding towns of Tolland/Stafford,Conn.

   For further Information, see "CLAYF Plans: Fall 2018 and Beyond".

   For all  interested and/or involved in the ongoing efforts for the Project's success, there is a compilation of extensive                information, data, and prior publications for the Connecticut projects.  

                     For copies or other direct communication regarding these projects, please feel free to contact:

            #1:   CLAYF President/Founder  Joseph Willis Jr.,  Ellington, Ct.  (860) 916~3129

                                  #2:  CLAYF Attorney Joseph Capossela (860-559-4386    

       #3:  Anita M. Willis, CLAYF Director of Public Relations  Ellington, CT. (860) 924~3580                                                                                           


     A Little Bit About "Crystal Lake Agricultural Youth Farms"